Terms and Conditions

This rental is made under the charges and conditions listed above as well as the following general conditions validated when the booking contract is signed:

This lease is entered into as a temporary residence and pleasure. The premises may not be used as a main or even secondary residence and the tenant may not practice any commercial, craft or professional activity there.
Consequently, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the civil code as well as by the conditions provided for herein.

The lease ceases automatically at the end of the term provided for in the contract, without the need to give notice. The rental cannot be extended without the prior written consent of the lessor.

a) Reservation by the tenant:
The tenant making a reservation signs and returns to the lessor the contract MANDATORY accompanied by the amount of the deposit specified on it.
The balance of the rental will be payable upon delivery of the keys ON ARRIVAL. Otherwise, the contract may be considered canceled and the deposit retained.

b) Confirmation by the Lessor or his agent:
Upon receipt of the reservation check, the lessor or his agent sends a letter:
– Either confirming to the tenant the availability of the premises, the commitment of the parties becoming firm.
– Either returning to the tenant the full amount paid, the premises chosen by the tenant being no longer available for the desired period.

IV. CANCELLATION of the CONTRACT, if applicable:
the tenant by abandoning the sum paid to the lessor.
the lessor by returning to the lessee double the amount received.

The amounts of the rent, any charges and the deposit are indicated on the reservation contract.
Upon arrival, upon handing over the keys, the tenant will pay the lessor a sum of €1000, as a security deposit to respond to any damage that may be caused to objects, furniture or other furnishing the rented premises.
Any lost, broken, damaged or damaged object must be replaced or reimbursed to the lessor at its replacement value by the tenant who undertakes to do so.
This security deposit, non-bearing of interest, can in no way be considered as the payment of part of the rent.
After returning the keys, in the absence of damage noted in the exit inventory, the security deposit will be fully returned within a week or destroyed. Failing this, the security deposit will be returned after deducting rental repairs.
The return of the keys to the lessor, at the end of the lease, does not entail the lessor’s waiver of compensation for rental repairs, if he proves that the damage is the fault of the tenant.

The tenant must be insured with an insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the furniture rented out, as well as for recourse by neighbours, and justify this at the first requisition of the lessor.

As a result of the freedom of use of the premises, their ownership is transferred to the tenant with no other obligation than to use them peacefully, to pay the price of the agreed lease and to return the premises in good condition. The tenant is therefore required to:

– Occupy the premises only for private purposes, excluding the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant acknowledging that this rental is only granted to him AS A TEMPORARY RESIDENCE AND PLEASURE, major condition without which this rental would not have been granted to him.
– Not to do anything which, by his doing or because of his family or relations, could harm the tranquility of the neighborhood or other occupants.
– Occupy the premises personally. However, if the tenant is unable to start or continue the rental period, the latter will have the possibility of substituting a third party with the agreement of the lessor.
– Under no circumstances be able to store furniture, except for linen and small objects.
– Do not make any modification or change in the arrangement of furniture and places.
– Only introduce a pet (dog, cat) into the premises if the said animal does not cause any damage to the building or any disturbance of enjoyment to the occupants of it (article 10 of law N° 70 – 598 of July 9, 1970). 1st and 2nd category dogs are prohibited in the rental.
– Allow to carry out during the rental, in the rented premises, the works whose manifest urgency does not allow their postponement.
– Maintain the rented premises and return them to a good state of cleanliness and rental repairs at the end of their use.
– Immediately inform the lessor of any loss and damage occurring in the rented premises, even if no apparent damage results.
– Respond to damage and losses occurring during the term of the contract in the premises of which he has the exclusive enjoyment, unless he proves that they occurred by force majeure, by the fault of the lessor or by the fact of a third party that he has not brought into the accommodation.
– Notify in advance of the day and time of arrival and departure.

1. Deliver the rented premises in good working order and repair, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.
2. Ensure the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and guarantee him against vices and defects likely to hinder it.
3. Maintain the premises in a condition to serve the intended purpose.
4. Unless there is a clear emergency, do not carry out any work in the rented premises during the rental period; all work will result in compensation of the tenant for the disturbances of enjoyment suffered.
5. The Lessor is not liable in the event of theft or loss occurring during a stay.

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